Translation of Sporting books...

From English into French

On the pictures below you will discover the beautiful French covers of the two major sporting books written my friend Jim Fergus and published in America in the 90's by St Martin's Press-NY, as: 'A Hunter's Road' & 'The Sporting Road'

Between 2010 & 2013, I have translated those books into French for the prestigious CHERCHE MIDI EDITEUR in Paris. It has been a immense pride for me to get wonderful reviews from the sporting press and the national press alike... The sales have been very satisfactory (for what were mainly hunting books), proving that it touched a much broader public than the hunters only.

'Mon Amérique' has received the prestigious award Prix François Sommer 2013, of the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, (Museum of Hunting in Paris) at the Hôtel de Guénégaud. It is the highest distinction for a hunting book in France. It was an unusual assignment for me, but I loved the experience (Thanks again Jim!) and I would love to do that again... So, if you are a writer hoping to be published in France... now you know where to start ! Contact me first!!!