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I am using facebook like a blog, posting pictures of moments and places I have liked and that you may like also. See the list of posts under the Seine cliffs picture..

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​ Saint Bertrand de Comminges
Great salmon week in Scotland for Norwegian anglers
The bell tower of Camalès with snowy Pyrenees behind
The river arros in Saint Sever de Rustan, Gascony
Pâté as a way of life
BellBell's Scotch whisky, fly fishing commercial
A farewell to Jim Harrison ! and a tribute...
F​lat Coated Retriever​ puppies
​ Good friends ! (Old friends !!!)​
​A great film about fly fishing in the Tarn region of France​
​Woodcock day in the Bigorre region of the Pyrenees.​
​ Neville driven shoots.​
​Game pâté cooking class.​
​James Purdey & Sons, film 'A Day in the Life'​
​ H&H, film 'Autumn-winter, 2015'
​Montfort & Neuville album​
Publication of RJH Sports​, Scotland​
Cèpes for some, porcini for others...
​At Arnaud Freminet's ​exhibition in Montfort
Evening rise in the 'Perche', region of Normandy, September 2015
Giverny in September - Chez Monsieur Monet.
Marchesi Alfieri's castle and winery, Piemonte Italia.
The river Sorgue in Provence
The Gers region in Gascony, d'Artagnan country
The 'Dordogneshire' fishing spot
The Rance river (ducks spot)
Sea-bass and 'muge' tartare
Sea fishing off Saint Malo & Dinard
The river Adour de Lesponne in the Pyrenees
My dog Bobby in Montigny sur Avre
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