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Buying a French puppy of hunting breed like Brittany spaniels and others...

Illustration from the biography of Boris Riab, by the Dr Jacques Bourdon

Puppies en route for the new world..

In October 2003, we made a big shipment of puppies to different parts of the world. Two left by car to Spain and to England. Four took planes to the USA (2 of them), Canada and New Zealand. Incidentally a white orange male stayed with me as I had just tragically lost my beloved pointing griffon Jumbo.

Sanitary requirements

The puppy must have been vaccinated at the age of 3 months, and can only be shipped one full month later. In other words the young dog will be at least 4 month old when he will fly to or with you.

Choosing the puppy

We obviously recommend to do this during a short visit trip to Brittany. There are two ways to do it: Either visiting when very young puppies are available and arrange a shipment later at the legal age. Otherwise you can also book an youg pup and come at the 4 month anniversary to check if this is what you really wanted. At this stage you can bring back your dog and make it travel with you. The plane ticket of a dog traveling along with his (new) master is 150 euros, to which you must also add the price of an air-cage, except if you bring your own.

Price example of a puppy shipped to Atlanta

- Vaccinated puppy, 1.000 euros
- Vari Kennel, 80 euros.
- Transport Callac Paris 99 euros.
- Airfreight Paris Atlanta 512 euros.

The Air shipment

You must arrange to pick up the dog at the nearest airport joined from Paris by direct flight. On our side, the dog will be delivered at the airport 2 hours before closing time. We try to reduce the time spent unattended in warehouses.


The letter below is from a famous American outdoors writer reporting on his puppy just 3 months after he received it. In fact this letter was the answer to my Season's greetings early January 2004.


Everything here is good. The quail season is not quite as good as last year but certainly acceptable. My pup is extraordinary. Today she pointed 5 times, 3 coveys and 2 singles. I work her part time with my other dogs and part time alone. She is one one hand very sweet (in my wife's bed) but when it comes to birds she is all intensity. More so than any other Brittany I have ever seen. She has at times outpointed my older dogs and when she stands over birds, nothing will make her break except if I shoot or the birds get up wild. I will have here steady to flush by season's end. As I don't believe in steady to shot she will be completely broke by next year. Also she sips the wind with her nose in the air like an English pointer. Unbelievable. I plan to send Herve Bourdon an email congratulating him in my poor French.

All the best for 2004.
Stay in touch,

Images of the Oct 2003 trip

Hervé at his desk. In the shelves are kept details of all the dogs sold by the kennel including records of all the dogs that left for the New World since 1903. There are de Cornouaille ancestors in most lines of American or Canadian Brittanies (In most other countries where Brittanies are used also).

A farewell kiss before taking the road to Paris

At home near Paris a couple of days transit before CDG airport. From left to right tricolore male en route to Texas, roan and liver male for Canada, white orange female for "traditional Southern quail" in Florida and my own white orange male. Missing the 8 month old white orange male for New Zealand. Being much bigger he was not allowed to eat with the young class.

The 3 main shades of colours. Missing the white orange roan (with less bright white parts). Uzès, Umaha and Uhlan. Americans are always intrigued by the fact that we use a letter system to name our dogs. Each year has its letter. These were "U's". It is very useful later in hunter's conversations. For instance, if someone speaks of a bitch named Jodie, I will know right away that she was the same age of my late Jumbo.

My own male Uzès, just a few days after the pictures above, in other words at 4 months and 10 days. I was at a driven partridge shoot near the Loire châteaux and took him out after the shoot to see if he would be interested by the birds. There was plenty of them in the woods bordering the fields of the shoot. At first scent he went into the brush and seriously pointed something in the high ferns. I joined him took this picture and flushed a beautiful flock of redlegged partridges. I found it very promising for such a young boy.


One year later, closing day of February 2005, almost grown up ! after a successful session in Normandy. These two difficult late season birds were found and pointed with a real "professional" maestria.

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The pack of "parents"

farewell to Brittany

A station in my garden near Paris before flying to Norway

New family in Norway (picture shot the following winter)

a good looking girl...almost grown up.

ready to hunt moose with new companions...


British MFH, seriously tempted by a French hare hound


Please, contact us by email, for any enquiry.


A bit of tourism in Brittany...

The little port of St Goustan where Benjamin Franklin landed in 1776 when he went to Paris to negotiate the French assistance in the war of independence.

The standing stones of Carnac

old streets of Guingamp...

...or Dinan

Breton aristocratic architecture

Skilled maître d'hôtel preparing a grilled John Dory

or mussels at my favourite fish restaurant in Saint Malo.


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