Hunting in France - Hunter's License for non residents- How to bring your own shotgun
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Current proposals...

Clay birds Shooting 
Year round. France & Spain boast of excellent shooting grounds found near the cities or in the countryside. Often the occasion to add some nice sport to a good trip.

Duck flighting 
From mid August. In the wetlands of Normandy, Picardy & in the Loire Valley.

Snipe over dogs
From mid August. Complementary to duck flighting, in the wetlands of Normandy or Picardy.

Rough shooting in the Loire Valley
From late September. Partridge & Pheasant, over dogs and walked up. Fantastic château accommodation.

Rough shooting in Normandy
Easy day trip from Paris. From late September, partridge, pheasant & woodcock, over pointers.

Driven wingshooting 
From late September. World class shooting in prestigious estates of the French countryside..

Wild-Boar stalking & shooting
From mid August. Wild boar is fascinating most French hunters & foreign visitors..

Hounds & Horses 
From September to March. The famous French "Chasse à Courre", the most genuine and "exotic" way to hunt in France. Three pages of description featuring also an outstanding American Hunting Wedding in the Sologne region of France..

Hunting in Provence 
Sunny Wild boar driven by hounds or birds over pointers in the scenic scrubland of Provence

Hunting around Bordeaux 
Tasty  In the Médoc region. Rough shooting, stalking or driven wild boar

Hunting in Spain 
Classic  Red legged partridge, driven or over pointers & big game stalking

Buying a puppy from a French breed 
Back to the roots Buy a French Brittany puppy directly in Bittany, but our old breeds of hounds are also worth the trip.

Big game Stalking

Wild boar
Roe deer
Red deer
Mountain game
Bow & Arrow

Migratory birds

Wood pigeon palombes in the Pyrenees
Woodcock Over pointers in the French forests
Ducks Surface ducks on seashore wetlands
Snipe over dogs and walked up.


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Other regions

We are currently offering shoots or hunts in many other regions not listed on this page. Do not hesitate to ask for any place you have in mind. For instance in the Champagne, in Burgundy, Brittany, or Périgord. Birds over pointers, driven shoots, big game stalking can be arranged in most of our nicest regions.


In search of Hemingway memories & ducks in the lagoon of Venezia...

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