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Closed waters fishery in the Pays d'Ouche region of Normandy...

Easy day trip from Paris

Some time after Jan 1st, fly fishers of all countries start feeling the fever of the forthcoming opening... but sometimes this day is coming a bit slowly. To face the growing demand for days fishing during winter and early spring months we take our guests to places like this Moulin (mill), in the Pays d'Ouche region of Normandy. These days provide an enjoyable occasion for a countryside day, plus with the thrill and fun to fly fish many big and beautiful trouts.

The beautiful setting of an old mill, with a comfortable little lodge dedicated to fishing chats. This club was created 30 years ago, and is now really a classic place.


Even in the coldest moments...

The place described here is located at 150 kms west of Paris.

We can arrange days at a similar mill in the Champagne region (230 kms east of Paris)

Stocked rivers

The mill features a nice deep lake and a network of mill ponds fed one by eachother with a system of small chutes. There is also the main river Avre and a stocked river stretch which is a narrower finger.

The lake and mill ponds are especially attractive (unfortunately) as a Plan-B for periods of extremely sad weather or flooded rivers.

Carl is definitely not a beginner but the small river behind him is the perfect stream to teach the notion of good drift to a beginner.

On this river are used dry flies and classic nymphs like phesant tails, amber nymps or hare's ear. Nymphs are often fished "at sight".

Carl with a superb brown trout...

Lake fishing

Make no mistake though. Yes it is a good place for learning because there is a lot of fish in the water providing many new occasions if one is missed. But fishing is nothing easy and requires good skill and talent.

The lake holds plenty of wonderful trout of all sizes and features an outstandingly pure water. Bugs hatches are consistent and rich and can even reach a state of sheer astonishment during the period of the big mayflies.

The mayfly hatch happens earlier than on neighbour rivers by late April or early May, and the quantity of flies on the water is really surprising. The rest of the time is occupied by chironomids, black gnats (bibio) and brown caddis or sedges. River flies like Hendricksons, Adams or blue Wing Olives also find work.

I look sad but mine is not bad either... I am just frozen, that is winter fishing !


Some of the rainbows are really big...

Big rainbow trouts

The specialty of this deep lake however is a stunning population of really big rainbows up to 15 lbs ! Four or five pounders are very common. The big trouts sometimes hit a dry fly or small nymph but are usually fished with streamers.

For special occasions, we can ask Gilles to catch and prepare a smoked trout for our lunch. On toasts of pain de campagne and butter, with a white Burgundy or Arbois, it is just fantastic...

Lunch or Picnic

Unlike the chalk stream rivers of the other pages, the fishing time at the lake and stocked rivers is not necessarily so much concentrated in the late evening. Therefore, we are usually taking the picnic at lunch time at the lodge. There are tables outside and BBQ outside.

Joseph with his excellent rainbow...

And with a good brown also...

Prices & Accommodation

Pays d'Ouche Rates

Please  ask by email for the specific closed waters rates

Choice of accommodation for the Pays d'Ouche

Very nice watermill country inn - Cottage (gîtes) rental.


Sightseeing around

Different itineraries can take us from the château d'Anet, to the forest of Rambouillet. There are many well kept villages like for instance Montfort-Lamaury. It is a typical French countryside. If you or your wife like countryside antique shops (brocanteurs), we can show you where they are.

If you are staying overnight, going to visit the outstanding cathedral of Chartres is quite easy.


A number of different golf courses allow us to combine the two sports on your demand.

Gate of the Château des Mesnuls in the forest of Rambouillet

Accomodation or sightseeing. Appartments can be rented in this castle.

Featuring: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and salon with fireplace and billiard at around 400 euros for the week-end or 700 euros for the week.


In season, the mill and the lake can be combined with chalk-stream fishing