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In Normandy, a great deal of efforts is done to preserve landscapes and habitat. Here spawning beds are restored with horses on the Andelle.


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The river Risle

Easy day trip. At 2 hours of Paris, in the backcountry of Honfleur & Deauville. Mentioned by Charles C. Ritz as his favorite stream in his Fly Fisher's Life, the Risle remains a great classic among the classic chalk-streams Welcome to the Risle

The river Andelle

Easy day trip. Near Rouen, also well described the Fly Fisher's Life, the Andelle is "THE" other great classic chalk-stream of Normandy  Go fishing the Andelle

The river Iton

Very easy day trip. Prime grayling and trout fishing on the crystal clear river Iton Fish for grayling on the Iton

The Pays d'Auge

Possible day trip. Around Lisieux, in the backcountry of  Deauville flow the pristine valleys of the rivers Touques and Charentonne. Visit the Pays d'Auge

The Cotentin

The "Cotentin" is the region of 6th June 1944, D-Day beaches & of the Mont Saint-Michel. There is also the Tapestry of Bayeux and good fishing spots nearby. See the Cotentin region of Normandy

The Pays de Caux

The "Pays de Caux" region on the northern seashore of Normandy is the birth land of Guy de Maupassant and the setting of many of his novellas. It is also a region of excellent streams and the closest destination by car from England. Pays de Caux

The Pays d'Ouche

Easy day trip. In this nice region of inland Normandy is found the oldest Fly Fishing private club in France. With a wonderful network of mill ponds and lakes the club of la Chaise Dieu is a perfect place for off season fishing and for beginner fly fishers. Go fishing to the Pays d'Ouche

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Normandy is a big region starting at an hour drive west of Paris. In the region #1 is found the river Andelle. Between the regions 1 & 2 are situated the Grayling river Iton and the Mill of Pays d'Ouche. The region # 2 is the Pays d'Auge (Risle, Charentonne, Touques. The region # 3, the Cotentin with the D-Day beaches and the Mt St Michel. The region # 4 Le Pays de Caux.

Charles C. Ritz

The man who made Normandy famous among fly fishers

Charles Ritz & Ernest Hemingway - Paris 1958

A Fly Fisher's Life by Charles C. Ritz, remains an unmatched angling book. Whoever wants to spend a really outstanding fishing moment must read this book. It is still reprinted in many languages. With his famous friends of the International Fario Club and this book, Charles Ritz made of Normandy a very special place. Thank you Mr Ritz ! and congratulations. The spirit of his work and passion is still kept alive by by the IFC.

Other highlights of Normandy....

Giverny, the D-Day, Honfleur & the Mont Saint Michel

Giverny's house and gardens of Claude Monet are on the way between Paris and Normandy not far from the rivers Andelle & Iton.

Alley and pond of Giverny. Picture shot in October without nympheas...

The D-Day, June 6th 1944 War sites

Omaha Beach & Colleville sur mer US cemetary

Honfleur & Deauville

Normandy cheese

Livarrot farm cheese. A cousin to the world famous camembert.

The Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont Saint Michel - Photo Carl Maijer.


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