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Brittany is the Celtic western part of France. Brittany's countryside is wild, beautiful, with a touch of mystery. You are bumping everywhere into cairns, calvaries and chapels erected by Celtics and early Christians. The land is covered with moors, brooms and sharp gorse. There are beautiful wild streams. The coastal rivers have long estuaries deeply penetrating the earth in sorts of very scenic fjords. More than anywhere else in France the gourmets love seafood.

Golden days in Brittany. Courtesy Lionel Bros

Forays to Brittany

In Brittany, we are offering trout, salmon & seabass fishing...

Sea-bass Fishing

There is very attractive saltwater fishing in Brittany. The setting is usually the estuary of a big coastal river (as opposed to the open sea). The main fishing centre for us is the river Odet, between Quimper and Bénodet. We also fish on the northern seashore and around Dinar and Saint Malo. The fish on the picture is a sea-bass. It is very similar to the American striper bass but European bass have no stripes. If they nicely take the fly, beginners can also use spinning rods and lures. All the tackle is provided. We mostly fish from small boats On the rocky seashore of northern Brittany, we are also offering fishing sessions from the coast. 

A beautiful sea bass, named "bar" in French 

The port of Sainte Marine near Quimper

Trout Fishing

Golden Days...

The delights of wild trout fishing in Brittany have been described with enormous talent by Romilly Fedden, in his book : "Golden Days - From the fishing log of a painter in Brittany"  The book is difficult to find but it is worth the effort. Trout fishing on footsteps of Fedden is also worth the effort, and we are here to help you. Romilly Fedden was a tall man, a true poet, a talented painter and a great instinctive fly fisherman. For all these reasons he loved and spent a lot of time in Brittany before 1914. This was the end of an era many sportsmen described as the golden age. But as we say, "there is more to fishing than catching fish", there is also much more in "Golden Days" than fishing readings. Golden Days is based on fishing and travel notes, but was written in the trenches of the Ist world war. Fedden was in his 40's at the beginning of the conflict, and for many was a rebel in many aspects of his secluded artist's and fisher's life. But despite his age he volunteered and joined soon the nightmare of the combats. It is said that  "He hated war so much that he had to do it..". Golden Days is a fly fishing book telling us a lot about peace and happiness. Golden Days, was first published in 1919, and met immediate success. A&C Black Ltd London, published it again in 1949. It is a book for all lovers of simple pleasures linked to the gifts of nature and for all lovers or future lovers of the wonderful land of Brittany. Romilly Fedden died in 1939, probably because he didn't want to see a second war. If you like reading in French, Golden Days has been recently re-published in France under the original English title: Golden Days, par Romilly Fedden aux éditions Ouest France... and was soon out of print. Only very smart or lucky flyfishers will find it !!! 

The Scorff in forest of Pontcallek

The river Scorff in the forest of Pont-Calleck

Salmon Fishing

The golden age of salmon fishing in Brittany is also a bit behind us (my sense of humor). But still there is salmon in Brittany. Some local anglers enjoy very good days. And local guides will still have the courage to take clients on rivers. If the springer's season is rather dicey, the late season for grilses is very enjoyable. This is between mid September and early October. The salmon landscapes are gorgeous, and licenses are rather inexpensive if you compare it to other destinations (and there is no system of private beats). There are 3 salmon centres: The South around Quimperlé/Pont-Aven. The West around Brest/Landerneau. The North around Guingamp. Back to legends and golden age I have had the luck to meet one in his old days. He was living in the little port of Le Pouldu (a place loved by Paul Gauguin in his Brittany years). I saw him last when he was 98 years old, still walking down and up the steep mile or so between his house and the port. Unfortunately he died just before his 100's. But.. message of hope for pure heart salmon anglers, it may help to live old in perfect shape. He was living alone without help and he played the harmonica for children on the port. He was very happy to talk about flies and tell old fishing stories. In Jean-Paul Péquegnot's Répertoire des Mouches Artificielles Françaises, published in 1975 ... Henri Clerc was already presented as a living legend. He was the happy author of countless catches all on the fly, including a 5 catches day at the famous pool named "bief des Gorrêds" in April 1970. The Clerc Fly (la mouche Clerc), still remains very popular among all the French salmon anglers (See picture under the map).

Henri Clerc (aged 98 !) and myself in Le Pouldu , back in Jan 2001

Puppy Hunting

French Brittany spaniels

 Brittany as you can guess is the stronghold & birthland of this wonderful dog. Open this link to read more and why not start thinking of importing a puppy that you will choose during a fishing trip. How to import a Brittany puppy

Illustration from the website
By Dr Jacques Bourdon


Map of our proposals in Brittany

Open here:

Region # 1 Trout fishing in southern Brittany Morbihan 

- Region # 2 Trout fishing in the Monts d'Arrée, Inland Brittany Argoat 

- Region # 3, Trout & salmon fishing on the northern seashore Armor Cornouailles

And Also (New) :

Sea bass fishing from a boat off Dinard & Saint Malo

Paris-Rennes 296 kms, Paris-Brest 585 kms - Junction by car or train TGV

The salmon fly of Henri Clerc

Body of wild-boar underfur, copper rib, peahen wings & webby fibers on each sides

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